gotta relearn how to draw with a tablet

I made a ROMHack for Fire Red.

This ROMHack is based on roguelike fire red by JPAN .

Thank you so much to JPAN, I never would have figured out permadeath on my own.

This is regular Fire Red but with a few twists: fainted pokemon are gone forever and pokeballs aren’t sold in shops, they can only be picked up on the map. Also save has been replaced with a “save and quit” and your save is erased whenever it’s loaded. So you can only save between play sessions; no soft resetting. Lastly whiting out = GAME OVER and the save is erased.

I’ve only tested up to misty so far but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. If you do notice a bug please let me know though.

download it here

Kehau’s character

hold back a little when battling little kids, okay.

all I seem capable of is head shots right now

all I seem capable of is head shots right now

don’t challenge the river king to a fishing contest

Dolly Parton has anime hair

Dolly Parton has anime hair

something I put together in blender awhile back. just over 750 tris.

cleaning up my desktop